Birth Fearless is the one and only provider of hypnobirthing classes in the area, teaching the highly regarded Wise Hippo Birthing Programme. This midwife accredited and FEDANT approved antenatal education offers a unique approach to hypnobirthing in that we do not focus on one specific¬†way of birthing with one specific outcome.¬†It’s your baby, your body, your rules!
When you prepare for your baby’s arrival with the support of Birth Fearless you will have learnt how to trust your natural birthing instincts to deliver your baby with confidence. This is more than just a birth preparation programme, you are investing in something that has the capacity to positively change your birth outcome, strengthen your emotional control, teach you tools for life and how to become an expert in relaxation.


“Peaceful & serene evening hypnobirthing with The Wise Hippo programme. Loved it so much, can’t wait to use the techniques we’ve learnt. Our outlook is so different and positive on birth and we are excited to experience it.”

Mr & Mrs Lewis