Hello, I’m Natasha the founder of Birth Fearless but first and foremost I am a proud mama to my beautiful boys, Lucius and Raphael.

Pregnancy and birth are major transitional periods in an expectant parents life and would therefore be made all the more enjoyable if approached in a positive way. It is no fun starting your journey off dreading every step you are about to take, dwelling on what was and feeling anxious about what is to come.

My role as a hypnobirthing teacher and positive birth mentor is to support you with the emotional side of your pregnancy, discovering any concerns, fears or anxieties that you have and creating new ways of thinking to counteract and reverse the damage caused by such negativity. My aim here at Birth Fearless is to empower you to trust your instincts, teach you how to birth confidently and show you how to easily let go of those beliefs that no longer serve you.

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My passion for positivity was cultivated during my own two pregnancies at a time when, like all pregnant mamas, I had the choice to give my focused attention to all of the unwanted pregnancy symptoms I was experiencing or instead, direct that attention to my unborn baby. I chose the latter. We were given  the news at our 20 week scan that our baby had just one kidney and in that moment I made the decision to not browse the web for the answers to the 101 questions floating around in my head but to actually be thankful for the life I was creating and remain positive and hopeful that our baby would live a ‘normal’ life with a missing kidney. This positive way of thinking stuck through the following months of pregnancy right through to the birth of which I felt no need for any pain relief at all and I can wholeheartedly say was the most euphoric and happiest moments of my life. I am also pleased to say that after weeks of investigations and exploratory work our little boys second kidney was identified! (albeit a tiny one located in his pelvic area)

This is my personal experience and example of how giving thanks to all that is good in our lives is a way of cultivating positive feelings of wellbeing. If you haven’t done so already, make a start today and send wishes of thanks to the little miracle that you are growing inside of you as you acknowledge your gratitude for this special tiny human.

I hope I have inspired you to Birth Fearless!